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Posted: Sunday, August 25, 2013 2:26 PM Lead Story on Entertainment Tonight by Mary Hart "Get Your Child Into Modeling & TV Commercials the Right Way, No Fees No Dues" is the place to find legitimate and licensed talent and modeling agents and auditions with NO FEES to pay ever. The talent and modeling children's agent lists provided by can position your baby, toddler, child or teen to be seen by all successful legitimate talent agents and casting directors nationwide. Casting calls are always free. There are no upfront fees. All agents are commission based. Only when you are paid for a job do they get paid a ten percent commission.

I do know you need every advantage you can get in this business. Don't pass up this one. Commercial Kids is the best.

Hollywood, CA (PRWEB)

CBS Entertainment Tonight and Mary Hart feature story on getting your children in modeling, acting and TV commercials the right way. No fees, no dues. a division of presents an opportunity for Free Casting Calls and legitimate licensed agents that Do Not Charge Fees - people that can land your child in a motion picture, television series, television's next big commercial, print ads, or a musical career. Children of all ages nationwide already are earning millions of dollars each year by taking advantage of the opportunity CommercialKids offers.

The film, television, commercial and modeling business has never been busier. With more than 500 TV networks and movie studios constantly in production, the need for talent has never been greater. Each year thousands of parents spend hundreds, and often thousands of dollars presenting the talents of their baby, child or teen to baby agents, kid's talent agents, casting directors and producers. Thousands more are spent on photo-shoots, headshots, traveling, and associated fees. is the place to find legitimate and licensed talent and modeling agents and auditions with NO FEES to pay ever. The talent and modeling children's agent lists provided by can position your baby, toddler, child or teen to be seen by all successful legitimate talent agents and casting directors nationwide. Casting calls are always free. There are no upfront fees. All agents are commission based. Only when you are paid for a job do they get paid a ten percent commission.

Says Stuart Stone - TV Commercial Casting Director, "My office, my students and I have been recommending casting director mailing labels and talent agent mailing labels for years. They are always up-to-date and they only list legitimate licensed kid's agents and casting agencies. Keep up the great work."

Jim Fall, Disney Channel Director, "Commercial Kids is the one-stop shopping place for anyone looking for up-to-date contacts for the entire entertainment industry. Whether you're an actor, writer, juggler, or belly dancer, whatever, their lists of contacts are an invaluable resource. Great idea, great service!" knows that parents and their children don't know where to begin trying to enter the business. With unnecessary photos, classes and seminars any budget quickly can dry up. At our lists are updated daily. We provide you with legitimate industry contacts that never charge fees. Our lists point you in the direction of the decision-makers. Our lists can mean the difference between making the right contact, and plodding along on a search that leads nowhere.

Founded by parents in 1992, has since been providing the most up-to-date contact information of legitimate, state-licensed, children's talent agents, baby modeling agents, kids commercial agents, children's casting directors, child music agents, kids managers, child dance agents and Kids open casting calls and children's auditions. is a division of
Toll Free 877-570-9662

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